Working Smarter – How To Establish Your Online Presence (Just Like Amazon)

As more and more devices are connected to the internet, it becomes possible to eliminate inefficiencies from the supply chain. Eliminating inefficiencies ultimately reduces the total cost of ownership.

Think about this concept in the context of something like a copier machine:

-Monitoring toner depletion and automatically shipping replacement cartridges when needed.

-Monitoring the performance of the printing device and deploying technology to enable a user to scan the device and to efficiently report the problem, automatically registering a ticket with the service provider, and establishing an electronic record notifying other users the problem has already been reported.

-Optimizing the placement of printing devices according to the print requirements and ensuring the lowest possible cost of ownership is achieved.

The type of software needed to accomplish this is no longer the exclusive domain of the behemoth companies. It’s widely available, very affordable, and serves to help close the technology gap with Amazon and other online giants.

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