Why Outsource Data Backups

How important is your data? Would your company be able to survive without it? 

The answer for most small and medium-size businesses is a resounding “No!” 

Data Shows:

  • 94% of companies don’t recover from severe data loss
  • 51% of businesses close within two years of a data loss
  • 70% of small firms are out of business within one year after losing large amounts of data

For most SMBs, outsourcing data backup and recovery is a more scalable solution, offering greater continuity, and efficiency – especially if there is a security breach or power failure. When you outsource your IT needs, you are able to use your resources in ways that move the needle while saving you precious time and ensuring peace of mind.

Cyber attacks have almost doubled in the first half of the year, and SMBs are hot targets for attacks. However, cyber attacks are not the only cause of data loss. The most common reasons for company data loss:

  1. File deletions/Human error
  2. Equipment failures
  3. Malware/Phishing attacks
  4. Laptop/Phone theft
  5. Power failures

That’s where we come in. We are managed service experts that specialize in Managed IT Services, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and secure print solutions. Contact us directly for a complimentary assessment of your current data recovery protocol.