Why do you need a MSP?

Hearing a lot about “managed services”, but uncertain if that’s best for your business? Have you wondered if working with a MSP is really necessary or if it would be too expensive?  

Let’s frame the question differently and examine what it can save.

You might think of an MSP as a clean-up crew that’s called in to save the day once something has gone terribly wrong, when technology isn’t working as expected, or worse – you’ve experienced a data breach. Although MSPs can be equated to technological superheroes, their real purpose is to negate risks. Instead of outsourcing IT when a problem occurs, managed services provide consistent monitoring of a network. This includes updates and maintenance tasks that are necessary but typically overlooked or ignored. This service allows you to focus on your businesses instead of hoping for the best and dealing with the worst. Preventative care is never as costly as emergency remediation.

Still not convinced? Maybe you have that “one guy” that does the “computer stuff”. Chances are, that this one person does not have expertise in all areas. With an MSP you have access to an entire team with specialized skill sets to efficiently remediate any problem or concern. They also have the ability to analyze your system as a whole and can identify other areas of weakness.

Lastly, what if you were a target of a cybersecurity attack or experienced a hardware failure? Are you equipped to restore all of your systems AND data in the event of a disaster? This is an area where an MSP is vital. A reliable MSP will have already created a disaster recovery plan that can be immediately implemented, keeping you in business. Unfortunately, too many businesses without such a plan or a managed service provider have been forced to close their doors after such emergencies.

Premier Business Products is proud to be a Visual Edge Technology Company that offers a spectrum of trusted managed services. Please visit our website for more information or call us with any questions. We can assess the efficacy of your current IT protocols and suggest ways to improve your security.

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