The DCA is the Way

Managed Print Services have been offered for a decade or more and often involve long-term contracts and complicated legal agreements. However, with office printing costs often being the single largest individual cost associated with running an office, services offered to help manage and control these costs can be quite valuable.

In order to extract potential savings, it all starts with the installation of a Data Collection Agent (DCA) on a network that’s designed to identify all the printing devices and, over a period of time (typically 30-90 days) used to identify when the ink and toner supplies will need to be replaced. 💡

The DCA is a software application that collects information from your multifunction printers, and/or copiers and fax machines on a network, and transmits the data back to the server. Data from locally connected devices can also be collected, provided that the Local Print Agent application is installed on each computer connected to a local printer.

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