Document Access Made Easy

Did you know?

~The average time spent looking for a document is 18 minutes.
~Up to 5% of a company’s files are lost.
~Paper volume typically doubles every 3 years, so your filing systems are forced to keep pace.
~Paper moves slowly through the business approval process and there’s always a bottleneck that delays approval.

Replace those stacks of paper and eliminate all that wasted time searching for important documents with electronic document management systems.

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It’s Time To Say Goodbye (To Your Copier That Is)

Why haven’t you upgraded your old equipment?
It still works right? (Mostly? Sometimes? Only when you kick and scream?) It costs too much to upgrade? You’ll get to it…someday.

Here’s the scoop:
When network equipment reaches a certain age, its manufacturers will eventually stop developing upgrades to keep the equipment functioning effectively. Without these updates, the equipment will continue to slow down, breakdown and degrade. More importantly, a lack of upgrades for older equipment means your network might not be safeguarded against cyber attacks. (FYI – Our managed IT services can help with this.)

We understand that the idea of investing in a new copier is overwhelming and it’s crucial to work with a company that has the capacity to educate, listen and match you with the right machine.

Do You Really Need a Printer/Copier/MFP?

Yes we are in a “digital age” but it’s still necessary for offices to have the ability to print hard copies. Not all businesses are paper free (nor does it make sense for them to be). In a worse case scenario, networks crash and can be hacked, making hard copies of customer files and pertinent data indispensable.

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Maintaining A Clean Machine

Many businesses have been restructuring their cleaning protocols, social distancing policies and health codes. Here a few tips to clean and disinfect your Kycoera Copier to stop the spread of germs. (Be certain to read the precautions as well as the cleaning guide.)

Making “Work From Home” Work for Your Business ~ Document Management

A tremendous percentage of the workforce is mobile and the trend toward remote work is continuing to increase. In this new digital environment, the old nine-to-five approach is becoming obsolete. The world doesn’t stop and approval delays can make the difference between new business and lost business.

It’s never been more important to provide systems for remote access to documents and to digitally capture and store new documents as they’re created. It’s imperative that remote employees have access to Business Process workflows in order to avoid delayed approvals and lost paper documents.

Feeling overwhelmed? Please visit our website (see link) and contact us for assistance with your document software management system. We can help.

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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Copier Right Now

There are MANY reasons to update your office copier/MFP (YES – Even NOW).

Click to review how new technology can increase productivity, enhance cyber security, reduce service calls, produce higher print volumes and promote business growth. Even if – ESPECIALLY if – you are experiencing some temporary downsizing this is the time to restructure and maximize your dollar.

Choosing a MFP

“Multifunction printers (MFPs) combine printers and color copiers to simplify the workplace. Along with printing and copying, these machines can fax and scan to locations such as email, USBs and cloud-based services. The more advanced models can be customized with finishing options like stapling, hole-punching and sorting. These MFPs are designed to meet business printing needs while cutting supply costs and increasing workflow. They can be purchased or leased, and an array of accessories is available for most models.”

Finding the right copier for your business can be overwhelming. To ease some of the stress, please contact us for an evaluation of your current needs and visit our website for resources that can point you in the right direction before making any purchasing decisions.

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A company that experiences a data breach has only a 40% chance of keeping their doors open

Have we got your attention?

Here’s a sobering fact: “73% of social engineering attacks were coordinated against careless employees with little technical experience. This underscores the importance of teaching employees about the risks of social engineering and cyberattacks.” (per small biz daily)

What is your business doing to prevent data loss through phishing scams, malware attacks or holes in your cyber security? If you have concerns (and you should) please contact us. We would love to consult with you to discover how our managed IT services can protect what matters most.

We All Need A Security Blanket

What could you do if you were a manager that had no expertise in IT or cybersecurity?

“Something that you can do is simply have different discussions with the cybersecurity people that you already have. Start the conversation with the concerns you have as a non-technical business manager in terms of what could go wrong. Ask to be told about the systems that support this activity. Ask about cyber attacks that would be able to compromise the systems supporting your business and the potential impact.

If you have this conversation from the perspective of “talk to me about how my business could be compromised, instead of telling me what vulnerabilities need to be fixed with whatever priority” then you’ll get somewhere.”
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Risk Management – We Can Help

“Whether you are embarking on a new venture or you have an established business, risk management is essential to ensure the long-term viability of your enterprise.

As part of your overall plan, risk management must be included in order to understand the potential risks your business might/will eventually face. When you understand what the risks are, you give your business the best chance to succeed.”

A threat which has become a persistent problem in today’s digital world is cyber risk. No matter how small your digital presence is, you have to implement a robust security protocol with strict governance for your organization. This not only protects the data of your company but that of your customers.”

We’d love to show you how our products, software and services can help you minimize potential risks in your business.

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