Our Secret Sauce

We are exceptionally successful in our niche and we want to share how we’ve built our reputation. What could be perceived as a problem for a business like Premier, is in fact our greatest opportunity. The rising prevalence of discount stores, warehouse clubs and online retailers has historically posed a significant threat to many traditional office supply providers. This has given us the impetus to examine our business model, service program and response time. We are proud to say that whenever a “chain” or an online vendor offers a discounted item, we can confidently compete. Not because we sell products at outrageously low prices, but because we take the time to understand the needs of your business before we recommend any hardware, software or IT services. Why purchase something that doesn’t make sense for your unique needs? Why purchase something blind? Why purchase something from a random salesperson that can never be reached again? Why purchase something with no reliable service plan? Why purchase something that has no guarantee of customer care? Why purchase something from a business that has no interest in you?

At Premier you are guaranteed personalized service from the moment you contact us. Our response time is immediate, our service is impeccable and our employees have been with us for years. At Premier you get so much more than a product, you get a team of professionals dedicated to your satisfaction.

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