Let us introduce you to Paper Folding Machines.

Did you know that we carry MUCH more than copiers? Let us introduce you to Paper Folding Machines. What are Paper Folders you ask? Get ready to be amazed. Paper Folders are machines designed to fold papers into different shapes (think brochures, pamphlets, programs etc.) and they do it in mere seconds. There are various types of models available for managing low to high scale paper folding requirements and users can buy either a manual paper folder or an automated version depending on their workload. A majority of these folding machines have hoppers, adjustable fold plates, programmable control panels, catch trays and LCD readouts for making the paper folding projects easy peasy lemon squeezy. Stop folding by hand and contact us for a consultation. We can save you time, money AND your thumbs. #PremierBusinessProducts #morethancopiers