How in the heck do I find the IP address for my copier?

There are various reasons why you may need to know to the IP address of your copier. For example, you may want to install a new driver on your computer, or you may want to access the web interface (i.e. to edit the address book or set up scanning options). Ultimately, being able to quickly access your IP address will help us help you whenever you have a question.

We’ve created a list of the easiest ways to find the IP address on our most popular manufacturers. These instructions are to be followed directly at the MFP:


  • Select the user functions button on the control panel (i.e. the user interface)
  • Select admin on the touch screen
  • Push the password button on the touchscreen
  • The default password for Toshiba is 123456
  • Press okay
  • On the next screen select network
  • Select IPV4
  • On this screen there will be the top set of numbers that says IP address (i.e.
  • The screen will default back to home after 45 seconds


  • From the home screen select the utilities button
  • On the next screen select device information
  • In the middle of the screen it will say IP address


  • Select system menu/counter key on the operator panel
  • Press counter on the screen
  • Select print status page
  • Click yes at the prompt
  • A status page will print out
  • On that page you will find the IP address under network/IPV4