How We Measure Success

As a service based business we have the unique opportunity to be kind to people that might be upset or stressed when they encounter a problem. By responding to questions with immediacy and courtesy we are able provide exemplary service that saves time and frustration – Hence why our customer care program is so important.

There are five reliable ways to improve customer service and these principals form the guide by which we measure our success.
1. Less customer conflict
2. Better customer relations
3. Faster resolution times
4. Improved company reputation
5. Stronger company culture

Cyber Security – What It Means For Your Business

You do not have to be Adidas or Nordstrom to be a target. Small and medium sized businesses are equally attractive prey but unlike giant corporations, financial damages from a single cyber attack could close their doors.

Click the link for further information about recent trends in cyber security and suggestions on how to better defend your information.
Questions? Contact us for an assessment of your cyber security program. #PremierBusinessProducts #morethancopiers

We Have A New Website

We are excited to share our new website and let us say, it’s nothing short of fantastic. If you have questions about our products and services, you will be provided with thorough answers. If you are looking for resource articles that pertain to your business, we’ve got you covered. If you are looking for more specific information about particular multi-function printers, you can link into our blog. If you have questions about service and repair, look no further. Testimonials? You bet. Live Chat with someone from our office? We are here for you. There will be links for you to order ink and toner, make a service request and contact us with any question.

Ultimately we have streamlined all of the “need to know info” into a clean, easy to navigate site that will allow you to explore who we are, what we do and how we can make your business better. And isn’t that what’s it’s all about?

Fax Drivers – We Can Do That

Did you know that if your copier has the capacity to fax, you can also fax from your computer using a fax driver?! Instead of printing a document and manually sending it through a machine (i.e. sending your document to the printer, getting up and going to the printer, then sending that document as a fax), with the fax driver installed you can send your fax right from your desk. This saves time, paper and did we mention time? #PremierBusinessProducts#makingyourbusinessbetter

HIPAA – Are You Compliant?

We have an exceptional offer for HIPAA compliance that is very affordable for health care providers and medical practices. This includes:
Laboratory technicians
Nursing homes

Our “All In One HIPAA Security Service” is the fastest, easiest and most comprehensive service of its kind. If you belong to one of the above groups and you would like to know more about how we can help you write your HIPAA polices and procedures AND protect patient information, please contact us. We’d love to send you a PDF with all of the details and schedule a consultation. 

IT In A Box

Imagine a world where IT becomes invisible while it empowers your organization to focus on increasing profits, improving service and emphasizing employee productivity.

We make this a reality, covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure, to your computers, phones, workstations and mobile devices. 
With our IT in a Box Managed Services, you’ll experience:
• Less Downtime – Fast resolution and problem solving 
• Fewer Day-to-Day Issues – Proactive 
• More Opportunities – Focus on your business and let 
us take care of IT
• Infrastructure Protection – Keep your network and 
devices safe and secure
• Business Continuity – Backup and disaster recovery 
• No Offshore Outsourcing – Completely owned and 
operated by local staff 
• Peace of Mind – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 
days a year

Whether you are looking for a stand-alone print/copy solution or a facilities management approach to your printing and copier needs, we will provide you with customized solutions and unparalleled service. Call us or email us for details!

Here are 5 very simple, but important ways, to ensure that you always get a great copy without any glitches.

Here are 5 very simple, but important ways, to ensure that you always get a great copy without any glitches. (No glitches = no service calls.)

1. Make sure the original is in good condition. Crisp and clean originals will make the best copies. Take a moment to undo any folds or creases. These may interfere with copy clarity.

2. Remove staples, tape, torn pages, etc. before making copies. Smooth paper feeds easily through the machine and has less chance of getting jammed or damaged.

3. Keep the machine clean. Cautious handling of the copy machine simplifies the photocopying process, saves time, and prevents waste, poor quality copies, and machine damage. Helpful Hint – Never place sticky-notes over an original. The residue of the sticky part can attract dirt that will harm both the original and the machine.

4. Wipe down the glass. Foreign objects like dust or dirt on the glass can cause blemishes on your copies. Cleaning glass thoroughly can make for a cleaner copy. (FYI – Unplug the machine to start cleaning the glass. Then apply a small amount of glass cleaner to a soft sponge and gently wipe away dirt. Dry immediately with a lint free cloth. Remember to never apply liquid directly to the glass as this can leak into the machine and cause expensive damage.)

5. Select your copy paper.
-Standard weight is the most economical and works well with high-speed copiers.
-Mid weight paper can be used in copiers and inkjet or laser printers. It’s slightly heavier so it’s good for double-sided copies.
-Heavy weight paper has a smooth finish. Due to its weight, however, it may slow down or jam a copy machine. FYI – Printing the original on heavy weight paper with an inkjet or laser printer can improve copy clarity.

Does the type of computer printer paper you use matter?

Yes. Yes it does. Generally speaking, the main types of paper are copier paper, computer printer paper, and photo paper. Let’s try and break it down:

Copier paper is what you would use at your place of employment to mass produce originals that you may need to distribute or file. Copier paper is usually very thin and lucid. The quality of paper is determined by how bright it is, or to put it another way, how much light passes through it. For mass production of work documents to be filed or distributed, quality is not that important. You can use recycled copier paper, which is approximately eight to ten percent of the total paper used today.

There are primarily two types of computer printer paper, matted or glossy. Matted paper has a “very bright” outside layer. Glossy paper, on the other hand, has a shiny finish. So what type of paper should you use for your inkjet or laser printers? If you are printing draft copies, quality will not matter too much, so plain copier paper is good enough. However, if you are printing a final draft or color presentations, etc., a thicker coated paper, matted paper, is recommended because it allows for sharper colors and a better resolution image.

For photos, a glossy finish is desirable, or in some cases necessary. Why? Because the ink dries faster on a glossy surface which, in turn, produces sharper images.

In addition to the types of paper, it is also important to know its characteristics. The first one is weight. The higher the paper weight, the thicker the sheet of paper. Higher paper weight is also stronger and has a substantial feel to it. In addition, less light will pass through it. Heavier paper should be used for presentations and final drafts, whereas standard weighted paper is used for everyday printing and copying. The second characteristic is brightness. Most paper will have a brightness rating between 80 and 100, where 100 is the brightest. The brighter the paper, the better your printed result will be. The third is texture. The type of paper texture you use for laser printers will be different from that of an inkjet printer by nature of how the ink is distributed to the paper. A laser needs a flat paper for sharp results. Inkjet printers will require the use of a rougher surface. This will produce a clear result, as it will not scatter on the surface of the paper, but rather cling to it for a sharper image.
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How To Print Using AirPrint

What is AirPrint

AirPrint is a wireless technology that allows you to print from your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or other iOS device. This technology makes it simple to print your email, photos, web pages, and documents without installing drivers and software. AirPrint-enabled applications can print to an AirPrint-enabled printer without a need to to install a driver or configure the printer queue. Tap print, select the AirPrint-enabled printer, and print. That’s it!

How to Print using AirPrint

A few things to ensure:

  • Verify that you have the latest version of iOS and the app you are printing from is the latest version.
  • Verify that the AirPrint-enabled printer has the latest firmware version installed.
  • Certain printer features or functions may not be available when using AirPrint (for example, selecting different paper trays, red-eye reduction, booklet printing, and so on).
  • Please read the printer documentation or contact the printer vendor for details on how to connect the AirPrint-enabled printer to the network.
  • AirPrint-enabled printers connected using Bluetooth or shared through a USB port of a Mac, PC, AirPort Base Station, or Time Capsule are not supported.

Print using AirPrint

You can print from the Apple applications iBooks, Mail, Photos, and Safari. App store apps also offer this feature for Android.

To print, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the action icon .
  2. Tap the Print button.
  3. Configure the printer options and then tap Print.

Note: If you are printing for the first time, or if the previously selected printer is not available, you will need to select the printer before step 3.

How to View the Print Queue

You can check the Print Queue by double-tapping the Home button to show the recently used apps. Then tap the Print Center.

Note: The Print Center is only available while printing is in progress.

Source: Survival Guide

Small But Mighty

What if you don’t need some magnanimous machine, but you do need to print/copy/scan/fax like a pro? We’ve got you covered. Meet the Kyocera M3540idn. This little beauty can sit on a desktop and it works like a horse. (A BIG horse to be exact.) The M3540idn provides small to mid-sized businesses with powerful document imaging capabilities.

What you can expect:
*Up to 42 pages per minute in B&W, 40 ppm in A4
*Double-sided print, copy, fax and color-scan functionality
*75-sheet reversing document processor supporting A6 originals
*Mobile printing support including AirPrint
*7-inch full-color touch panel with home screen
*HyPAS™ Solution Platform enables powerful customizations
*Exceptionally low printing costs in its class