Is It Time to Upgrade?

11 Reasons To Replace Your Office Printer:
1. You’re having trouble finding toner.
2. Your employees are getting frustrated.
3. Your printing needs change.
4. Your company is growing.
5. You need to connect more employees to your network printer.
6. There are better models out there.
7. You’re replacing toner more frequently.
8. Improve workflows and increase productivity.
9. Save on space.
10. Track your printing.
11. Cut down on expenses.

As your company grows it becomes apparent that you need more than one printer. Many offices use personal printers but also supply the option to connect to a larger MFP (multifunction printer) which is networked to all computers to provide more capability and lower operating costs. Furthermore, updated equipment means updated security features – a necessity for any business.

Why Outsource Data Backups

How important is your data? Would your company be able to survive without it? 

The answer for most small and medium-size businesses is a resounding “No!” 

Data Shows:

  • 94% of companies don’t recover from severe data loss
  • 51% of businesses close within two years of a data loss
  • 70% of small firms are out of business within one year after losing large amounts of data

For most SMBs, outsourcing data backup and recovery is a more scalable solution, offering greater continuity, and efficiency – especially if there is a security breach or power failure. When you outsource your IT needs, you are able to use your resources in ways that move the needle while saving you precious time and ensuring peace of mind.

Cyber attacks have almost doubled in the first half of the year, and SMBs are hot targets for attacks. However, cyber attacks are not the only cause of data loss. The most common reasons for company data loss:

  1. File deletions/Human error
  2. Equipment failures
  3. Malware/Phishing attacks
  4. Laptop/Phone theft
  5. Power failures

That’s where we come in. We are managed service experts that specialize in Managed IT Services, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and secure print solutions. Contact us directly for a complimentary assessment of your current data recovery protocol.

Total Cost of Ownership

As you evaluate your projections for growth, you must consider the total cost of ownership (i.e. the sum of the purchase price of an asset plus operating costs over its lifetime).

This includes:
– Hardware and software to build your network
– Hardware and software needed to set up servers
– Hardware and software for individual work stations
– IT services
– Any license fees to be paid
– Potential upgrades or eventual system replacement

This is where we come in. Contact us to review our managed print solutions, multifunction printers, managed IT services, document software and of course, our famous Customer Care Plan.

We believe that the value you experience from working with us should always exceed the price you pay for a product or service.

The DCA is the Way

Managed Print Services have been offered for a decade or more and often involve long-term contracts and complicated legal agreements. However, with office printing costs often being the single largest individual cost associated with running an office, services offered to help manage and control these costs can be quite valuable.

In order to extract potential savings, it all starts with the installation of a Data Collection Agent (DCA) on a network that’s designed to identify all the printing devices and, over a period of time (typically 30-90 days) used to identify when the ink and toner supplies will need to be replaced. 💡

The DCA is a software application that collects information from your multifunction printers, and/or copiers and fax machines on a network, and transmits the data back to the server. Data from locally connected devices can also be collected, provided that the Local Print Agent application is installed on each computer connected to a local printer.

Ready to save money? 💰 We can help.

The Need For Speed

Nothing is more frustrating than working on a sluggish PC. If you work with a lot of data or use software that requires quick processing, it can be challenging. When your system slows down, you slow down. We’ve become used to functioning at fast speeds, and when something takes 15 seconds to process, it can seem like forever.

Review these tips to keep your PC’s performance optimized for today’s modern workplace technology standards:

Update Your PC Frequently

Uninstall Programs You No Longer Use

Manage Startup Programs 

Scan Your PC for Viruses

Perform Regular Disk Cleanups 

Check your Power Settings

Keep Your PC Cool and Dust-Free

Clear Your Browser and Cookies

Use a USB flash drive

Manage Visual Effects

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Why Partner with a MSSP?

An MSSP is an IT provider who partners with clients to provide security for their network system. They focus their attention on identifying and responding to potential threats. Partnering with a MSSP can dramatically decrease costs associated with in-house network security (if any exists). SMBs are common targets of data breaches and protecting your data is much less expensive than losing it.

Benefits of Partnering with a Managed Security Services Provider Include:

Firewall Management

Detection of Network Intrusions

Private Networking Services Antivirus Services

Scanning of Network Vulnerability

Secure Financial Transactions

Data Encryption


Compliance Management

Call us for a complimentary assessment of your network security and rest assured that we’ve got you covered – Guaranteed.

You are an ideal target for cyberattacks. What now?

Many businesses grossly underestimate how often they will be targets of cyber-attacks. SMBs are ideal targets because they rarely have in-house IT that is capable of providing a regularly updated network of security protocols and trouble-shooting expertise. That’s where we come in.

Here are just a few reasons why working with a trusted copier company that also provides managed services is beneficial to your business:

✦Cost Savings

✦Infrastructure Management

✦Disaster Management

✦Data Recovery

✦Automatic Upgrades

✦Improved Response Time

✦Round the Clock Management

✦Centralized Data Access and Storage




Yes – Printing is still a thing

Primary Reasons Why Users Print:

To get a document signed, for filing purposes, to fill out a form, to have reference materials in meetings, to read, to scan and send to someone

Types of Documents Printed:

Forms, emails, invoices/bills, presentations, coupons, photos, memos/letters

Regardless of what you’re printing, call us for a free assessment to identify the most cost effective solutions for your business.





IT and Healthcare – We can help you stay secure

“Healthcare companies will continue to transition to cloud computing because of the financial and organizational advantages it provides. Working with your managed IT service provider will give you the expertise and experience you need to meet the HIPAA compliance challenges for your cloud environment.”

Premier Business Products specializes in managed IT services, security, cloud computing, and print/copy solutions for businesses across the country including remote and healthcare organizations.

Click the link to learn more and request your free no obligation assessment today.





What is a MFP?

What is a Multifunction Printer (MFP)?

“Multifunction printers are capable of printing, copying, and scanning, eliminating the need to purchase separate machines and also ensuring that the major paper processes are centralized.

Buying a multifunction printer is a good investment that can help lower costs, as well as make paperwork more consistent. Many offices have numerous, incongruous printers, each requiring different levels of maintenance. This makes paper processing confusing and inconsistent. It also drives up cost, as each separate printer or scanner consumes electricity. Due to the large amount of machines, few of them are actually used frequently, meaning the other printers waste valuable power.

A single multifunction printer can help reduce costs and improve productivity due to its versatile nature. Having one machine responsible for printing, scanning, and copying documents is much more cost effective than having multiple printers of varying quality. Parallel to the upward trend in multifunction printers is the increase in file optimization software sales. Optimization software includes file conversion, compression, and OCR to help make files more efficient. Coupled with multifunction printers, file optimization can truly streamline office work.”

Want to know which type might be right for your business? We can help.