You are an ideal target for cyberattacks. What now?

Many businesses grossly underestimate how often they will be targets of cyber-attacks. SMBs are ideal targets because they rarely have in-house IT that is capable of providing a regularly updated network of security protocols and trouble-shooting expertise. That’s where we come in.

Here are just a few reasons why working with a trusted copier company that also provides managed services is beneficial to your business:

✦Cost Savings

✦Infrastructure Management

✦Disaster Management

✦Data Recovery

✦Automatic Upgrades

✦Improved Response Time

✦Round the Clock Management

✦Centralized Data Access and Storage




Yes – Printing is still a thing

Primary Reasons Why Users Print:

To get a document signed, for filing purposes, to fill out a form, to have reference materials in meetings, to read, to scan and send to someone

Types of Documents Printed:

Forms, emails, invoices/bills, presentations, coupons, photos, memos/letters

Regardless of what you’re printing, call us for a free assessment to identify the most cost effective solutions for your business.





IT and Healthcare – We can help you stay secure

“Healthcare companies will continue to transition to cloud computing because of the financial and organizational advantages it provides. Working with your managed IT service provider will give you the expertise and experience you need to meet the HIPAA compliance challenges for your cloud environment.”

Premier Business Products specializes in managed IT services, security, cloud computing, and print/copy solutions for businesses across the country including remote and healthcare organizations.

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What is a MFP?

What is a Multifunction Printer (MFP)?

“Multifunction printers are capable of printing, copying, and scanning, eliminating the need to purchase separate machines and also ensuring that the major paper processes are centralized.

Buying a multifunction printer is a good investment that can help lower costs, as well as make paperwork more consistent. Many offices have numerous, incongruous printers, each requiring different levels of maintenance. This makes paper processing confusing and inconsistent. It also drives up cost, as each separate printer or scanner consumes electricity. Due to the large amount of machines, few of them are actually used frequently, meaning the other printers waste valuable power.

A single multifunction printer can help reduce costs and improve productivity due to its versatile nature. Having one machine responsible for printing, scanning, and copying documents is much more cost effective than having multiple printers of varying quality. Parallel to the upward trend in multifunction printers is the increase in file optimization software sales. Optimization software includes file conversion, compression, and OCR to help make files more efficient. Coupled with multifunction printers, file optimization can truly streamline office work.”

Want to know which type might be right for your business? We can help.




Premier + Visual Edge IT = Winning Combination

We know that you have many technology solutions providers to choose from, and we are proud to be part of a team that has been recognized as a “Microsoft Gold Partner”.

“The value that the Visual Edge IT team brings to our customers is the ability to provide certified engineers who have a team of more than 250 experts and full access to industry-leading partners and solutions.” Not only do you get personalized, local service, you get that service backed by many layers of expertise.

Very few businesses can say the same. Please visit our website to learn more. We’d love to show you why we’re the best in the business!




Why do you need a MSP?

Hearing a lot about “managed services”, but uncertain if that’s best for your business? Have you wondered if working with a MSP is really necessary or if it would be too expensive?  

Let’s frame the question differently and examine what it can save.

You might think of an MSP as a clean-up crew that’s called in to save the day once something has gone terribly wrong, when technology isn’t working as expected, or worse – you’ve experienced a data breach. Although MSPs can be equated to technological superheroes, their real purpose is to negate risks. Instead of outsourcing IT when a problem occurs, managed services provide consistent monitoring of a network. This includes updates and maintenance tasks that are necessary but typically overlooked or ignored. This service allows you to focus on your businesses instead of hoping for the best and dealing with the worst. Preventative care is never as costly as emergency remediation.

Still not convinced? Maybe you have that “one guy” that does the “computer stuff”. Chances are, that this one person does not have expertise in all areas. With an MSP you have access to an entire team with specialized skill sets to efficiently remediate any problem or concern. They also have the ability to analyze your system as a whole and can identify other areas of weakness.

Lastly, what if you were a target of a cybersecurity attack or experienced a hardware failure? Are you equipped to restore all of your systems AND data in the event of a disaster? This is an area where an MSP is vital. A reliable MSP will have already created a disaster recovery plan that can be immediately implemented, keeping you in business. Unfortunately, too many businesses without such a plan or a managed service provider have been forced to close their doors after such emergencies.

Premier Business Products is proud to be a Visual Edge Technology Company that offers a spectrum of trusted managed services. Please visit our website for more information or call us with any questions. We can assess the efficacy of your current IT protocols and suggest ways to improve your security.

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We Do It All

Premier Business Products is powered by Visual Edge IT and provides full-service IT Management including 24/7 remote monitoring and administration of networks, data backup and restore. Backed by local service and a national network of engineers, Premier is uniquely positioned to support managed IT and print services, IT hardware, IT software, communication and data needs – no matter what, no matter when.

Please visit our website to learn more about our managed print services and managed IT services (under our Products and Services Tab) and streamline all of your needs into one seamless plan of action to protect and customize your workflow.

-Managed Security Services

-Managed IT Services

-Managed Desktop


-Backup & Recovery

-Cloud Services

-Communication & Collaboration


-Print & Copy Solutions

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It’s time to stop wasting your money on poorly matched office equipment!

Premier Business Products makes sure you get the right equipment expertly matched to your needs.

The right office equipment saves you time and money!

Despite the transformation from analog to digital and the transformation from offline to online, documents still form a major part of the backbone for most businesses. We still print and copy documents to collaborate on the latest ideas, create our marketing collateral, to place our purchase orders, to invoice our customers, to run our operations and generate works instructions, picking lists, and shipping documents. The list goes on and on. When it comes to your printing requirements, having the optimal mix of printers and copiers is essential to effectively run your business and minimize your recurring costs.

It’s not just a printer and it’s definitely not just a copier!

Premier Business Products is your one-stop provider of office equipment, printers, and copiers. We sell and lease multifunction copiers, laser printers, inkjet printers, and even wide-format printers. After installing our data collection agent (DCA) on your network we perform a print assessment and start to make recommendations for your optimal setup and budgeting for recurring costs.

Our objective and our commitment to you is to ensure you will know your total cost of ownership before you spend a dime. Oftentimes, the downstream costs of keeping your printers and copiers running are likely to exceed the initial cost of purchasing the equipment. Our TCO commitment extends all the way to:

  • Lease Vs. Buy
  • New Vs. Refurbished
  • OEM Supplies Vs. Aftermarket
  • Document Management Systems

For the uninformed, purchasing a new printer or copier is usually a great way to spend more and get less!

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • How many pages do you print a month?
  • Do you have any monthly, quarterly, or annual printing spikes?
  • How much of your printing needs to be in color?
  • Did you know color printing can be up to 10x more expensive per page than mono?
  • Do you have to comply with any printing regulations such as HIPPA?
  • Do you have mobile workers that need to print and copy?
  • Would you like to reduce the amount you print and improve your office efficiency?

Distinct Types of Printers

  • Multifunction Printers: previously known as copiers, they print, scan, fax, and connect to cost-reducing apps and other software to improve the efficiency of your office.
  • Laser Printers: Small footprint, modest upfront cost, accessible, efficient, high-quality prints.
  • Inkjet Printers: Small footprint, low upfront cost, accessible, fast, high-quality color prints.
  • Wide Format Printers: Print, scan, copy, large format banners, posters, maps, blueprints, etc.

As a reseller of many brands, we have the expertise to deliver the best advice to suit your office printing requirements and the best access to obtain the equipment you decide upon.

Learning Library – We’ve Got You Covered

Did you know that our website has a selection of educational articles that can help you make more informed choices in respect to copiers, document management software, cybersecurity, ink/toner and SO MUCH MORE?

FYI – This link will take you to summary of how printer management software can save you money.

Please scroll through previous blog posts and visit our website to review a list of services, featured articles, or to request support.

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Working Smarter – How To Establish Your Online Presence (Just Like Amazon)

As more and more devices are connected to the internet, it becomes possible to eliminate inefficiencies from the supply chain. Eliminating inefficiencies ultimately reduces the total cost of ownership.

Think about this concept in the context of something like a copier machine:

-Monitoring toner depletion and automatically shipping replacement cartridges when needed.

-Monitoring the performance of the printing device and deploying technology to enable a user to scan the device and to efficiently report the problem, automatically registering a ticket with the service provider, and establishing an electronic record notifying other users the problem has already been reported.

-Optimizing the placement of printing devices according to the print requirements and ensuring the lowest possible cost of ownership is achieved.

The type of software needed to accomplish this is no longer the exclusive domain of the behemoth companies. It’s widely available, very affordable, and serves to help close the technology gap with Amazon and other online giants.

Curious? Click the link to learn more or ask us questions via our live chat.

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