For any business that prints graphics, booklets, artwork, fine text or detailed images – We’d like to introduce you to the Konica Minolta bizhub PRO 951.

This is the ideal B&W solution that achieves true 1200×1200 dpi resolution. For sharper text, more accurate graphics and smooth, realistic halftones, the bizhub PRO 951 uses an exclusive toner with smaller, more consistently shaped particles that reproduce fine detail with greater efficiency. This results in more precise print images that never fail to have a “WOW” factor.

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Here are 3 reasons why you should consider investing in a wide format printer.

Technological advances have shifted the focus from print to digital in many business sectors. The exception to this is the use of wide format printers. These printers have long been a staple in industries where large scale printing is a necessity. Technology has not only made these printers more efficient, but more affordable and accessible.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider investing in a wide format printer.

Cost Efficiency
The main focus of most business owners is reducing overhead costs in an effort to increase revenue. Outsourcing wide format printing jobs cost you both time and money. Investment in a wide format printer will allow you to complete your print jobs in house, letting you avoid any markup currently associated with outsourcing. By not having to wait for outsourced print jobs, your company will be able to increase efficiency and revenue.

Better Quality
Wide format office printers use droplet technology. This means that the pixels per square inch are indistinguishable from one another. Droplet technology allows the dots per inch to remain almost invisible after completion. Wide format printers can also distinguish between text and graphics, allowing freedom of design without sacrificing quality.

Branding Options
The branding and advertising possibilities allowed by the use of a wide format printer are endless. Digital marketing is important, but consumers still respond to creative, large-format advertising mediums. Large signs, banners, and even vehicle wraps all increase brand awareness. Ultimately wide format printers give you the medium to get your message out to a larger group of people.

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Calling all educators! This is for you!

Kyocera Teaching Assistant – Created to Enhance Teacher Productivity and Test-Grading Efficiency

Kyocera Teaching Assistant streamlines the task of printing, grading and analyzing multiple-choice test results. As an embedded app that runs on the Kyocera MFP, educators value its intuitive touch-screen operation, where an unlimited number of bubble sheets can be printed. The finalized tests are scanned with test scores and associated reports immediately available — there’s no wait! Also, teachers have the ability to incorporate essay questions into their exams and the capability of printing test sheets with student names. Finally, student and test information is kept secure, since Teaching Assistant clears all test data from the MFP after every job.

The Best Part?
Teaching Assistant uses economical plain paper to generate bubble sheets. This means dedicated scanning systems with expensive pre-printed media become a thing of the past. To further drive down costs, Teaching Assistant allows users to export test scores and reports directly to an email address or USB drive, reducing paper, toner and energy consumption.

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